Mobile repair 

Samsung puhelinten, tablettien ja älykellojen huoltokeskus

We are the official service center for Samsung mobile devices

JAS Puhelinkorjaamo is the official brand service for Samsung mobile devices. Our technicians, trained by the manufacturer, repair your phones, tablets, smartwatches and other Samsung mobile devices with professionalism and many years of experience.

Our maintenance always includes pressure tests specified by the manufacturer, maintaining dust and water tightness, and maintaining the manufacturer's warranty. In repairs, we always use the manufacturer's own original spare parts, as well as tools intended for professional use. We calibrate and verify the operation of your device with Samsung's own software. At the end of the service, we will always thoroughly clean and disinfect your device using UV-C light.

Delivering the device for service

You can bring your device in need of service to our store in Turku or Helsinki or send it to us by mail. Instructions for posting can be found here. JAS Puhelinkorjaamo is located in Turku on the edge of Puutori at Maariankatu 1. We operate in the same premises as JAS Kamerakauppa. 




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Contact us

JAS Puhelinkorjaamo
Maariankatu 1, 20100 Turku
(same premises as JAS Kamerakauppa)
Open Mon - Fri from 9am to 5pm

Service prices

The most common services, such as screen replacements for different phone models, can be found here:


Other service prises can be foud here:


  • 629,00 €

    Fully refurbished Z Fold 3 5G. With 256 GB of storage, color is phantom black. All displays and batteries are renewed. All functions tested. Essentially like new, cosmetics included. 12 month warranty.

    629,00 €
  • We recycle phones securely Do you have recyclable phones whose data cannot end up in the wrong hands? We offer the possibility of information-secure recycling of phones, which includes removing and destroying the circuit board, as well as recycling the entire device. The price of the service is determined by the number of phones. Read more below.

  • 12,10 €

    Safe reset of the phone Are you planning to sell your phone, but first you want to make sure that your personal information does not accidentally end up in the wrong hands? We perform a complete secure reset on your phone, which rewrites the entire phone's operating system. Such a comprehensive reset can only be performed at a Samsung brand service. Read...

    12,10 €
  • 37,82 €

    Phone case with the perfect balance of slimness, smart aesthetics, and protection, plus it brilliantly connects to the entire Peak Design Mobile Ecosystem. Security, slimness, grip, and beauty ready to have everything you want in a phone case, with zero compromise.

    37,82 €
  • 31,45 €

    Protect your phone's screen with a high-quality screen protector Hyperscreen screen protector is a very durable and high-quality 0.14mm special film with impact resistance at the level of armored glass. It has a water and dirt resistant surface, as well as great usability with the touch screen on all phone models.

    31,45 €