Lomography LomoChrome Purple Pétillant 35mm ISO 100–400 color film


Violet-tinted 35mm color film

A color film that transforms colors into something completely different. See how blue turns into green, green turns into purple and yellow turns into pink. Extended ISO range of 100-400 allows you to shoot in different light situations. Development can be done in any film lab with the C41 developer. Create a psychedelic atmosphere in your photos with this film!

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12,82 €

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Lomography LomoChrome Purple Pétillant 35mm ISO 100–400 color film

Lomography LomoChrome Purple Pétillant 35mm ISO 100–400 color film


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Category Films / Chemistry
Merkki Lomography
Model LomoChrome Purple Pétillant 35mm ISO 100–400
Tuotekoodi f436lc21

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Special character color negative film, all the ease of a normal color negative with out-of-this-world effects.

Fine grain for crisp details, stunning sharpness and that analogue feel.

A color contortionist, watch as blue becomes green, green becomes purple and yellow becomes pink

Stand out from the crowd, our LomoChrome films render unmatched, instantly-recognizable results – they’re unlike any other film on the market.

2021 LomoChrome Purple Pétillant has been handcrafted by our charming vignerons to delight the senses, blending exquisite earthy reds, crisp plums and velvety violet hues to give you all the psychedelic purple hues and color-shifting madness, with a sparkling surprise on some frames.

Extended ISO range for even more experimentation. Shoot under different lighting conditions for versatile, vibrant results.

Plants have never looked so good – we especially love how this film can highlight lush green foliage in radiant reds and punchy pinks.

Easy to develop at your local lab with the standard C-41 color negative processing.

An updated 2021 LomoChrome Purple formula for color-shifting experimentation and psychedelic purple pleasure!

Render eye-popping portraits as red tones stay red, keeping skin tones looking natural in a sea of trippy hues.

Film Size: 35 mm 
Film Type: Color Negative 
ISO: 100–400 
DX Code: No 
Development Process: C41 
Exposures per roll: 36


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