How to mail your device to us for service

(In Finland)

1. Write a cover letter with the following information:

Serial number
Fault description
Accessory you are sending with
Whether it is a warranty service or not
If it's not warranty do you want a cost estimation for repair first
Your contact information

2. Pack the device, cover letter and warranty receipt in the same package. 

In the case of warranty service, a warranty receipt must be provided with the device. You can provide us with either the original receipt or a copy, we will return the receipts you sent to you with the serviced device. The product, date and place of purchase must be indicated on the purchase receipt, copy of the receipt or other warranty certificate. The warranty card must be confirmed by the seller (stamp or signature). Pack the device carefully to avoid transport damage. Put enough suitable filling material in the package so that the device stays firmly in place in the box and is sufficiently padded. Tape the package carefully.

3. Write on the package "JAS Tekniikka Oy, Maariankatu 1, 20100 Turku" (All service shipments to this address), as well as the return code to Posti 635541. Also add your own contact information.

4. Take the shipment to Posti 

Tell them that it is a return of JAS Tekniikka Oy (contract code for Posti 635541)

5. You will be notified 

We will inform you when we have received your shipment and registered your device for service.

Please note:

The return of Posti is free of charge for warranty services, for other services we charge the transport afterwards in connection with the service invoice.

The warranty covers the cost of sending the device for service and back to the customer if the device is delivered with a contract code from Posti. If you use another delivery method, we will also charge shipping for warranty service.

If an out-of-warranty defect is detected in the device (for example drop or liquid damage), we will charge a small work fee and any shipping costs for the device. In connection with troubleshooting, the customer will automatically have access to a cost estimate for the repair costs of the device. If the device is repaired, the above-mentioned small work fee will not be charged separately. A small work fee and any shipping costs for the device will also be charged if no fault is found in the device during troubleshooting.

JAS Tekniikka is not responsible for any transport damage to the equipment sent for service. The carrier's liability for possible damage (loss or damage to the equipment) is based on statutory road transport insurance (20 e / kg).

Contact information:

010 292 3000