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3 Legged Thing AirHed Switch -kuulapää

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The AirHed Switch is our answer to quick-release. With Arca Swiss compatibility, the detachable Switch clamp is adjustable to accommodate different plate profiles, and can be configured for left or right handed use.


115,00 €


Tuoteryhmä Jalustat
Sijainti Tampere


Excessive Loads

The AirHed Switch is tested to top down loads of 160kg, giving it supreme stability and locking.

Switch Clamp

When time is of the essence, the Switch Clamp provides faster operation without compromising grip.

Smooth Operator

The aerospace-grade magnesium alloy ball, coupled with our smooth locking mechanism makes operation easy and fluid.

Dual Setup

The Switch Clamp has a copper lever that can be changed for left or right handed operation.

Detachable Clamp

The Switch Clamp can also be removed from the AirHed and used on any 3/8" threaded device, like a monopod or tripod.

Powerful Locking

The AirHed Switch has a powerful locking mechanism, that is simple to use without requiring excessive force.

Ballhead Weight
0.282kg / 0.62lbs
38 mm / 1.49 "
34 mm / 1.34 "
40kg / 88lb

Ballhead Height
89mm / 3.5"

26g / 1oz - Arca Swiss Compatible