Kodak EKTAR H35N Striped Black Film Camera

Stylish half frame film camera

Capture the sweetest moments stylishly on film with this half frame camera. It shoots half frames on 35mm film, i.e. two pictures fit on one frame! The built-in star filter creates dazzling star patterns in points of light, and the bulb function allows you to take artistic long exposure photos. This beautiful little camera will inspire you to use your creativity!


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Kodak EKTAR H35N Striped Black Film Camera

Kodak EKTAR H35N Striped Black Film Camera


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Category Film cameras
Merkki Kodak
Model Kodak EKTAR H35N Camera Striped Black
Väri Striped Black
Tuotekoodi 125174

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Half frame: you save film when two images fit on one frame! Half frame means that each exposure is half the size of a regular film image. Thus, you get 72 pictures from 36 rolls and 48 pictures from 24 rolls. When you look through the viewfinder, you see a vertical image instead of the normal horizontal image.
Built-in star filter: creates a star-like, four-lobed light reflection on all bright points of light.
Long exposure: With the Bulp function, you can create long exposure images and capture, for example, the traces of objects moving in low light.
Tripod mount: use a tripod when shooting with long exposures to keep your camera stable.
Coated and improved optics: The glass lens element sharpens the clarity of images and brings out more details.


Film Format: 35mm (Half Frame)
Film Transport: Manual Wind And Rewind
Optical Lens: 22mm F8, Coated
2-Element Lens: 1 Glass Lens, 1 Aspherical Acrylic Lens
Shutter Release: 1/100s, Bulb Shutter
Flash: Built-in
Filter: Built-in Star Filter
Power Supply: 1*AAA Alkaline Battery
Dimensions: 110(W) x 62(H) x 39(D) mm
Weight: 110(g)
Materials: ABS / Aluminium
* Film, battery, cable release and tripod are excluded in the package


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