Edelkrone Vertical Module (SliderONE PRO)


Tilt module for SliderONE PRO

This spring-operated mechanism allows the SliderONE PRO to be used in vertical position. The Vertical Module expands the possibilities of using the slider and enables even more creative tracking shots.


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Edelkrone Vertical Module (SliderONE PRO)

Edelkrone Vertical Module (SliderONE PRO)


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Category Video / Cinema
Merkki Edelkrone
Model Vertical Module for SliderPLUS PRO
Tuotekoodi EDZFX

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Box Content

Spring Box Unit

L Bracket

Side Panel (with 2x attachment screws)

Motor Module manual engagement knob

Motor Module tension adjustment screw

Carrying Capacity

- Our system includes 5 springs, each with a maximum tension of 2.5 kg, providing a total carrying capacity of 12.5 kg.

- To determine the camera carrying capacity, simply subtract the combined weight of your SliderPLUS PRO, Motor Module, and any additional accessories from the maximum carrying capacity of 12.5 kg.


Spring Box Unit: 140x80x85 mm

L Bracket: 65x28x135 mm

Side Port: 80x75x8 mm


Spring Box Unit: 1359 grams

L Bracket: 358 grams

Side Port: 127 grams

Connection Ports

Spring Box Unit has 3/8” port underneath. 3/8 screw on top.

L Bracket has 3/8” Port underneath and 1/4” screw on top.

Incline Limits

Incline can be adjusted every 10 degree steps. Both spring box and L bracket.

Spring Box Unit max Incline 90 degrees.

Quantity of Springs

5 Tension Springs

Spring Strength

2.4-3 kg each. (Depending on the amount of tension applied.)