LS SoftLed C-300RSV pyöreä LED paneeli, 26 cm

LED Soft light C series 300 round Bi-color SoftLED edge light for photo and video production. Instead of the forward-facing LEDs like in the conventional panel light, this series lights are with LEDs mounted on the round frame of the light, with beam bounced from the inside diffusion material to give out a extremely soft, even light with no uncomfortable feeling to subject's eye. 

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295,00 €

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Category Studio equipment

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Variable color 3200K to 5600K
Slim Aluminum design : 10" x 1/2" thick
Extremely soft 
High CRI 93 above
All-in-one kit
2x Sony F750 battery 4400mAH
1x Charger & charger adapter
1x hard molded case