Home videos, cinefilms, dia slides and negatives to memorystick! We transfer all your precious memories to digital format so that you can easily store and view them. You can bring your films and videos to our Turku or Helsinki store. If you need more information we are happy to help: myynti@jastekniikka.fi / 010 292 3090

  • We digitize home videos, cinefilms, dia slides and negatives
  • The price is determined by the number and format of the images and videos to be digitized. Ask for an offer: myynti@jastekniikka.fi / 010 292 3090
  • We deliver the digitized materials on a memory stick, from which you can copy them to your own archives, and if you wish, also share them with your loved ones.
  • Your old photos and videos remain intact when digitized.
  • Digitization should be done so that the old memories are preserved and can be easily viewed even with modern devices. Digitized images and videos are more securely stored for future generations as well.
  • You can bring your photos and videos to our store in Turku or Helsinki.