Zeiss Ikon Ercona - Holiday Gift Package

Classic 6x9 folder with a coated 110mm f/4.5 Novonar Anastigmat lens and Prontor-S shutter. Very nice condition for its age. Lens nice and tidy, all shutter speeds working. Shoots also 6x6 frames, mask is included. Comes with three rolls of 400 ASA color negative film. A perfect gift for a vintage camera enthusiast!

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100,00 €

Data sheet

Category Folding Cameras
Model Ercona
Classification B
Location Turku

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Gift package ncludes:
1 x VEB Zeiss Ikon Ercona Novonar Anastigmat 110mm f/4.5
1 x Lomography Color Negative 120 ISO 400 3 pack