HPRC 1300 resin case - crushproof and watertight

The HPRC 1300M Case is a crushproof, watertight case which contains a card holder interior for holding 4x CF Card, 4x XQD Card or 8x SD Cards. Also sold as empty – with cubed foam. It is made of TTX01 plastic compound used as well in any HPRC cases to deliver military-grade protection and watertight...

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29,00 €

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Category Memory Cards

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internal dimension  116x67x25,5(mm) - 4.57x2.64x1.00(in)
external dimension 127x90x32(mm) - 5.00x3.54x1.26(in)
lid: 12,8(mm) - 0.50(in) bottom: 12,7(mm) - 0.50(in)


empty: 0,09kg - 0.19lbs