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    Breathtaking image quality meets unrivaled shooting freedom in the α7 II, the world’s first1 full-frame camera with 5-axis image stabilization. Discover full-frame, palm-sized perfection and stability for all!Double cashback offer! Purchase during July 2019 and receive 300€ cash back!

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    Brilliant features realize what you can imagine! Extend your powers of perception with the α7S II, for extra sensitivity, wide dynamic range, accurate focusing, and unshakeable stability to shoot with solid assurance.

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  • 1 949,00 €

    This mid-range telephoto prime lens is a superb creative tool that offers outstanding G Master resolution plus innovative STF optics for magnificent bokeh. It features fast, precise, quiet DDSSM autofocus, and close-up capability up to 0.25x magnification. Built-in Optical SteadyShot image stabilization minimizes blur that can occur during low light or...

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  • 2 099,00 €

    The perfect 85 mm F1.4 portrait lens with outstanding sharpness dissolving to magnificent bokeh.

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  • 2 999,00 €

    The first super-telephoto zoom in Sony’s flagship G Master series covers a versatile 100 mm to 400 mm range. With extraordinary resolution and fast, precise autofocus it lets you capture distant action with outstanding quality and immediacy. In addition to world-class image quality, this fine lens offers the mobility, reliability, and operability that...

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  • 2 999,00 €

    G Master design and technology in a new constant F2.8 telephoto zoom that offers unsurpassed rendering, blazing AF, and extraordinary image stabilization performance.

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  • 2 599,00 €

    No-compromises design and technology in a new constant F2.8 zoom lens that can fully utilize the performance potential of current and future high-resolution camera bodies.

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  • 2 799,00 €

    G Master performance in a wide-angle F2.8 16–35 mm zoom offers a wealth of opportunity to capture subjects in creative new ways. No matter what zoom setting or focus distance you shoot at, this lens delivers consistently superb resolution from corner to corner, with stunning background bokeh when required. A compact, lightweight design makes it manageable...

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    Passion expands the boundaries of imaginationBut are the tools impeding the flow? True potential can only soar when free A dream meets technology, and a new camera is born, and now rebornThe future is yours, wherever you may go Give your old working DSL camera in change and get 500 € extra refound! Ask for more information:

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    The α7R III packs pro-style operability into a strong, compact body to give you greater flexibility to take brilliant shots in any situation. With such high power, precision, and potential at your command, you can capture once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

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