Camera Store 

Are You looking for a new or used camera, lens or perhaps a studio speedlight?


Here You can find high quality new and used equipment.

Should You require any assistance our sales is at Your service by phone 0102923090 or via



A used product checked, serviced and approved by JAS Tekniikka is an excellent choice even for a new product. Every used product is inspected, repaired if necessary and cleaned by our professional technicians before put to sale.

This is why we are the only Finnish company to proudly give a 6 month warranty for our used products.


Our authorized technicians check among other things shot counts for shutter, mirror and charge mechanisms, aperture and autofocus drive counts, recorded fault codes and all functions and always use the latest diagnostic tools and official service software provided by the manufacturer to determine the possible need for service and the actual condition of the used product. After this, all necessary services and repairs and a thorough cleaning are performed before the product is put to sale.


A used product from JAS Kamerakauppa is always a risk free and dependable purchase with long lasting value.

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